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Component Performance and Material Properties

Component Performance and Material Properties
The performance of the final product is only as good as its weakest link. The accurate evaluation of materials and products identifies this link and focuses the efforts of product improvement. We evaluate nearly every type of material and component that is used in construction, including wood, adhesives, thermoplastics, glass, metals, paints and composites. R&D evaluates for moisture resistance, long-term weathering, strength, adhesion, hardness, color matching and many other properties.

Test Standards

AAMA 505  

AAMA 613  

AAMA 615  

AAMA 620  

AAMA 621  

AAMA 800   

ANSI A250.10  

AAMA 2603  

AAMA 2604  

AAMA 2605  

ANSI A250.3  

ANSI Z97.1  

ASTM B117  

ASTM C661  

ASTM C794  

ASTM C908  

ASTM C961  

ASTM D143  

ASTM D523  

ASTM D522  

ASTM D570  

ASTM D610  

ASTM D638  

ASTM D660  

ASTM D661  

ASTM D662  

ASTM D714  

ASTM D772  

ASTM D790  

ASTM D869  

ASTM D870  

ASTM D905  

ASTM D968  

ASTM D1006  

ASTM D1014  

ASTM D1037  

ASTM D1186  

ASTM D1308  

ASTM D1400  

ASTM D1622  

ASTM D1640   

ASTM D1653  

ASTM D1654  

ASTM D1735  

ASTM D1876  

ASTM D2065  

ASTM D2197  

ASTM D2247  

ASTM D2395  

ASTM D2793  

ASTM D2794  

ASTM D2803  

ASTM D3003  

ASTM D3023  

ASTM D3167  

ASTM D3260  

ASTM D3359  

ASTM D4060  

ASTM D4145  

ASTM D4147  

ASTM D4214  

ASTM D4226  

ASTM D4495  

ASTM D4585  

ASTM D4587  

ASTM D4803  

ASTM D5178  

ASTM D5402  

ASTM D6132  

ASTM E283  

ASTM E330  

ASTM E331  

ASTM E547  

ASTM E1105  

ASTM E1164  

ASTM E1331   


ASTM G26  

ASTM G53  

JW Standard 100  

JW Standard 101  

JW Standard 102  

JW Standard 104  

JW Standard 105  

JW Standard 106  

JW Standard 107  

JW Standard 400  

JW Standard 401  

WDMA T.M.2  

WDMA T.M.5  

WDMA T.M.6  

WDMA T.M.7  

WDMA T.M. 10  

WDMA T.M.11  

WDMA I.S. 10  


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